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baby gender selection diet-food for choosing gender of your baby

The diet should be followed for three months prior to conceiving. However, since there is a certain imbalance in the diet, it should never be followed without consulting a medical practitioner, and even then for a very long period of time. This diet is supposed to influence the barrier that surrounds the ovum in such a way that only one of the two types of sperms is allowed to enter, depending on the kind of diet that is being followed.

The study recommends that both parents follow these gender selection diets. The boy-diet is rich in potassium and sodium, but lacks magnesium and calcium. The girl diet has plenty of magnesium and calcium but lacks sufficient quantities of sodium and potassium.

On the plus side, they don't cost any money and do not require expensive medical procedures. The process can be carried out very easily within the privacy of one's home and is one of the more reliable non-invasive methods of gender selection. However, the nutritional value of the diet is questionable and many men and women may not be able to stick to it for too long.

For girls it is recommended that you follow a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, foodstuffs that are not too salty, salt-free bread and butter, ice cream, eggs, rice, pasta and fresh fruit juices.The recommended diet for boys include carbonated drinks, meat, fish, ham, bacon, sausages, jams, soups, honey, fresh fruit, pastries, fresh vegetables, white bread, fruit loaves, pasta, potatoes, salted nuts, chips and rice.

This theory also backs up certain Eastern philosophies, which say that everything is decided according to the balance between yin and Mia.

You should know this about your baby girl

The mother of four accouchement could say that his admiration for a adolescent overrides the absoluteness that the statistics are adjoin her. It will be your admiration to accept a adolescent appulse your accord with your children? For best of us the acknowledgment is no. Simply complaining the accident of beddy-bye sex than we accepted and move on.

Although there are some women and their ally who absolutely acquaintance added abasement activity on the sex of your baby. For these people, admonition to analyze their animosity is a necessity, alike if they feel it does not affect your accord with your child. The animosity out, alike in babyish things. There are additionally couples who adjudge to do sex alternative techniques to ensure the sex of your abutting baby, as MicroSort ®, Shettles method, preimplantation abiogenetic analysis (PGD), etc.

How to acquaint afore bearing

The case to acquisition out the sex of your babyish afore bearing is abundantly based on claims of prenatal bonding, selecting a name and a alertness for a new baby. Some mothers feel it would be easier to accord with sex beneath than ideal, or alike a disappointment appropriate afore the bearing of her baby. So alive advanced absolutely accustomed to assignment through their affliction during pregnancy, rather than in the actual postpartum period.

Although ultrasound is not perfect. Heck, alike abiogenetic testing has its limits. Mistakes are fabricated and hearts are burst unnecessarily, if alone for a while.

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How to conceive a girl

It is well known that there are many natural methods absolutely could help get the nursery of roses and your daughter wants.

How to conceive a girl with natural methods:

A fundamental concept in the baby gender selection natural methids understand is that the chromosomes of the sperm that makes a girl (X) and that will make a child (Y) behave quite differently.The X sperm to conceive a child are slower than the Y sperm, but are very durable. You can keep alive more than 4 days of waiting for the egg without disappearing. Sperm And that conceiving a male child are smaller, faster and less robust (often late in the vaginal canal die after a few days only one or two). Because sperm are very strong and girls are not jeopardized by waiting for the son of egg and sperm is, you are able to conceive in about 3 days before ovulation.

Yes, to determine the precise time of ovulation is a vital factor to increase the chances of having a child. If you want to plan a design accuracy of the child, so it must be done to maximize the chances of success. You'd better have sex 2 1 / 2 to 3 days before ovulation to increase your chances of conceiving a child. Having sex closer to ovulation significantly reduce your chances of conceiving a child.

The boy sperm are so weak and vulnerable, it is common sense to have sex in a way that makes your journey toward the egg for so long and unfriendly as possible. If you are trying to conceive a girl, shallow penetration of your partner, preferably with the missionary position, will deposit sperm closer to the entrance of the vagina. This area is more acidic than closer to the cervix and acidity will work against the weaker "boy" sperm leaving more "girl" sperm available to fertilize the egg ..

Aside from regulation is not the idea and the right of ovulation, with a degree of acidity or pH is not high enough to kill the son of sperm is probably the biggest mistake that couples who want a baby. It makes no sense that the moment of conception with a clear and practical definition of sexual positions right only to fail when it comes to producing a sufficiently brutal vaginal environment is the last piece of the puzzle.

The first step in this process is to determine how you really are naturally acidic (whether they are alkaline in nature must be very firm about how to change this.) You can get pH test strips than on the health food store or online.

Once you understand that you sit on the scale, which are able to increase its acidity and pH in several ways. The first way is to follow a special diet of PH in which fatty foods and avoiding alkaline foods. The food in the diet is very particular, based on test results, but will be worth the road trip. The other to significantly increase its acidity is douching with formulas and recipes, once again established its results. This is cheap and effective and are able to use the immediate future of sex.

Finally, when it comes to designing a natural child birth Planning Center recommends no orgasm during sex as the body produces substances after orgasm that makes the vaginal environment more alkaline, which favors the "boy" sperm.

Diet to conceive a girl

Girl diet can help conceive a girl. When it comes to babies, many people prefer to have a child. Do not ask me why or why there is a tendency for people to give birth to the child. But many people have a preconceived notion that is in God's hands. I guess in this modern world, with so many technological advances, speaking of God taking care of your destination is not advisable. I'm not trying any blasphemy. But the fact is that you can decide the sex of the child to be conceived by their diet. Yes friends and I'm not kidding. A recent study by the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands showed that preferences in the mother's diet plays an important role in the outcome of your future baby gender.

How to conceive a girl diet work?

Here's why. You will receive a child if the sperm and the fertilized egg came first. If the opposite happens, you will conceive a child. It is known that the X sperm is life generally stronger and longer than the Y sperm and the sperm can not survive for long in the vagina of the woman if she is very acidic, while the girl sperm will have no problem with this. Therefore, if you want to conceive a girl, the better to achieve its acidity and pH as high as can.You can do this through diet and what you eat.

What foods to eat to conceive a girl?
If you want to conceive a child, you should choose the following foods:

magnesium-rich foods

High in calcium and magnesium foods
canned salmon

Wheat bread
Dairy products
Microwave meals
Fast food
Canned food
White bread

Foods to avoid when trying to conceive a girl

Eat foods high in sodium

Drink plenty of calories

If you are looking for the diet to conceive a girl, you can taste the foods mentioned above.

How to Conceive a Girl with Shettles method

There are numerous medical articles that examine why the Shettles method is poor and most medical studies have not been able to replicate the same numbers Shettles claims to have seen. In fact, some studies have shown that using the Shettles method may actually have trouble conceiving.

The Shettles method has existed for a long time, the name of Dr. Landrum Shettles. The Shettles method has the advantage of carrying no cost and without medical treatment for conceive.Men produce two types of sperm which already contain the sex chromosome, before determining the sex of the baby-to-be. The X chromosome Y chromosome for men and women. Dr. Shettles methods around the male sperm are smaller, weaker and faster than female sperm, which are bigger, stronger and slower. Therefore, able to reach the following suggestions to help couples trying to choose the sex of your baby. So the Shettles method is basically about how you can use these differences to try to influence the sex of your baby.

How to conceive a child with the Shettles method?

The time relationships

The timing of sexual intercourse is the most important factor according to the Shettles method to influence the sex of their baby.You should have sex 2-3 days before ovulation so that sperm bearing eggs die before available during ovulation.

Vaginal orgasms and the pH level

An acidic environment favors girl babies, killing the weaker male sperm first. This leaves more X sperm to reach the egg. Women should avoid orgasm because it makes the vagina less favorable for X-bearing sperm that prefer acidic environment.


Speical sexual position is said to increase their chances of sex selection for both the depth of penetration and also because pH levels. The closest to the opening of the vagina, the reproductive tract more acidic the women. If you want to conceive a girl, it's best to avoid the involvement of deep penetration sexual positions. Shettles method recommends the missionary position for girls.

How to conceive a girl

If you are trying to conceive a child, I strongly suggest you keep reading.This is my real life experience of how to conceive a child and my doctor was wrong.

How to conceive a child naturally?

There are a lot of myths that say they have the answer to that question. If you look in the wrong place, you could end up doing bad things, and eating with the wrong information.After over 5 years to have three children, still can not compelted our family. Decided to seek medical advice. My doctor said my husband has low sperm count X, so my chances of getting pregnant with the baby, of course, negligible.

We had to take medical advice and went for me IVF.After no IVF again and again both are losing hope. We searched everywhere for advice online and offline to conceive a child. We have tried yoga, special diet, regular exercise, all you can find design tips and still was having trouble conceiving a misdemeanor.

After years of false hopes and disappointments, I found the solution to conceive a natural child birth Planning Center. Surprisingly, I got pregnant with a girl after 3 months of follow his system.If complete simple 3-step test this integrated system, must be given time and move on. Do not expect an instant miracle. You can have your panther also registered. I can not tell how much support will be.

There is no way I can explain how much joy we brought our new daughter. Our life is never the same since birth!

The following are some tips to conceive a child.

1.Making a hostile environment for the child sperm

If you want to conceive a girl, so that a hostile environment for sperm child is very important. Since most of the sperm boy died when the girl sperm first half egg.An ambiente.La advanced technique to determine the acidity of the vagina in favor of conceiving a child. Once you know your current level of acidity, then it is time to adjust to a level that is most convenient for you.

How to make a hostile environment for the children of sperm?

The answer is the special diet or go to douching. There are plenty of special recipe for you and douching solutions as well.

2.Correct position during sex.

You must go to the right position to make it difficult for the fast but weak boy sperm, so sperm girl before the child is doing. Click here to read the position during intercourse to conceive a child.

3. Do not drink alcohol or coffee when you try to conceive a girl.Couples coffee drinkers more likely to conceive a child.

It is important to understand that you have to take everything into consideration before the results.To right to learn more about how to conceive a child, tips visit to conceive.