Wednesday, October 27, 2010

baby gender selection diet-food for choosing gender of your baby

The diet should be followed for three months prior to conceiving. However, since there is a certain imbalance in the diet, it should never be followed without consulting a medical practitioner, and even then for a very long period of time. This diet is supposed to influence the barrier that surrounds the ovum in such a way that only one of the two types of sperms is allowed to enter, depending on the kind of diet that is being followed.

The study recommends that both parents follow these gender selection diets. The boy-diet is rich in potassium and sodium, but lacks magnesium and calcium. The girl diet has plenty of magnesium and calcium but lacks sufficient quantities of sodium and potassium.

On the plus side, they don't cost any money and do not require expensive medical procedures. The process can be carried out very easily within the privacy of one's home and is one of the more reliable non-invasive methods of gender selection. However, the nutritional value of the diet is questionable and many men and women may not be able to stick to it for too long.

For girls it is recommended that you follow a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, foodstuffs that are not too salty, salt-free bread and butter, ice cream, eggs, rice, pasta and fresh fruit juices.The recommended diet for boys include carbonated drinks, meat, fish, ham, bacon, sausages, jams, soups, honey, fresh fruit, pastries, fresh vegetables, white bread, fruit loaves, pasta, potatoes, salted nuts, chips and rice.

This theory also backs up certain Eastern philosophies, which say that everything is decided according to the balance between yin and Mia.

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